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The Well-Spring of Love

The necropolis of Argiñeta

The Mendraka swing

The Well-Spring of Love

The Well-Spring of Love Berriozabaleta

Hamlet of Berriozabaleta


The official name of this beautiful well is Fuente de Berriozabaleta. It was created by Manuel Plácido de Berriozabalbeitia, who rose through the ranks of society to become the judge representing the king in Peru.  He married Doña María Álvarez de Foronda y Mendive Xara Berrio, daughter of a Creole family in Cuzco, through whom Manuel Plácido acquired the title of Count of Vallehermoso and Casapalma.


He had the well built as soon as he came back from the Americas, and this led many people to believe that its style was Inca, or even that it was imported stone by stone from Peru to help his wife cope with homesickness. An action truly inspired by love!


The well and the path that leads to it are both extremely striking. The structure comprises the well per se and a washing place, set into the centre of a semicircular terrace with magnificent views of the peaks of Urkiola. It looks like a theatre built as a meeting place for local people.

The Berriozabaleta well is the perfect setting for a special moment. At dusk on a sunny evening, looking out onto the great rocky outcrops of the Urkiola mountains, this island of stone surrounded by meadows and woodland is the perfect spot for letting your imagination run free.

The necropolis of Argiñeta

The necropolis of Argiñeta

Hamlet of Argiñeta

This is one of the most important funerary monuments in the Basque Country in terms of both numbers and dating: it contains tombs built between the seventh century and the Middle Ages. It is located in the hamlet of Zenita in the municipality of Elorrio, and comprises the necropolis itself (21 tombs including a striking double sarcophagus and five grave marker stones known as stelae) and the chapel of San Adrián, which was rebuilt in the 16th century and has undergone several renovations since.


The sarcophagi were made to be used in the necropolises of the various hamlets in the area (Mendraka, Miota, Berrio), but were gathered together in their current location in the 19th century by the then priest of the parish, Father Retolaza, creating an evocative, romantic setting.

The astral signs with which the stelae are decorated give one the feeling of being transported to a bygone age. This unique spot is so magical that it is hard to tear oneself away from it.

For more information on the necropolis download the file here

Barrio Mendraka, Elorrio

The Mendraka swing

Hamlet of Mendraka

To complete this romantic trail through the rural areas of Elorrio, why not take a few minutes to enjoy this special swing. Those who use it instantly become younger, by an average of 5 years. They do, honestly!


It is a wooden swing hung from a tree, surrounded by peace and quiet. It is hard work to get any height, but it helps if there is someone who can push you. As you swing higher you can feel the rejuvenation process begin:


  • You find yourself grinning without realising it.

  • Childhood memories flood back of when you played on swings, of who else was there, of who played with you, etc.

  • Suddenly you feel that you are releasing adrenalin, relaxing and forgetting all your problems.

  • You could go on feeling that way forever, but your companion is asking for a turn and that brings you back to earth.

  • As soon as you get off you want to get back on, just like when you were a child.

  • And that’s all there is to it: you’re happy and you feel younger. No creams and no surgery. It’s as easy as that. ;)

Why not visit a winery with some of the best views in the Basque Country and taste the only txakoli wine produced in Elorrio: Txakoli Mendraka.


By now you’re probably eager to see more.​ Why not continue along the Romantic Trail through the town of Elorrio itself.

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