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Pintxos Elorrio


The fame of these miniature gastronomic delights has spread far and wide.

Discover here where you can find the best Basque pintxos.

Buzkantza, Morcilla de Elorrio


Buzkantz Jaia

(the “Black Pudding Festival”)

During the long weekend in early December Elorrio holds a unique food-related event: a paradise for lovers of blood sausage or black pudding, known in Spanish as morcilla and in Basque as buzkantza.

Dulces artesanos Elorrio

Sweet baking

The nuns of Elorrio specialise in delicious, freshly baked cakes made with the finest natural products, with no preservatives or yeast.

They do not even use mechanical food mixers!


Around Elorrio there are 7 picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy the local food. Some are located beside beautiful rural chapels and swings hung from the trees.


Discover these magical spots!

Áreas de Picnic

Eating Berrio-Otxoa

Áreas de Picnic

The Pastelería Pello bakery on Errekakalea sells sweets dedicated to Elorrio’s most famous son: St. Valentine Berrio-Otxoa. Be sure to try them!


Try your hand at sheep herding for a day in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Basque country. Watch Harri the border collie round up the flocks in the fields as you stroll along the droving paths through the hills. You can also try your hand at milking the sheep and learn more about caring for them.


And of course you can taste the famous Idiazabal cheese in the quiet beauty of the Urkiola natural park.

Queso Idiazabal
Pastel Vasco



The Leaniz bakery sells typical Basque fare such as farmhouse style bread and gateau basque. To buy some, visit the Leanizbarrutia (Leaniz) farmstead in the hamlet of San Lorenzo. 

Cuajadas Elorrio


This is a perfect addition to your beginner’s course in sheep herding. After milking Patxi’s sheep you can sterilise the milk and use it to make delicious junket, with all the authentic taste of latxa breed sheep’s milk. And afterwards you can eat it while looking out over the magnificent landscape.



Elizalde is a family winery that makes the Mendraka brand of txakoli wine, one of the most popular Bizkaiko Txakolina designated origin wines, and the only txakoli produced in Elorrio.


Over the course of around 90 minutes you can learn all the secrets of txakoli wine making as you visit the winery and the vineyards. And of course to round off the visit you can taste some Mendraka txakoli accompanied by the famous Basque finger-food known as pintxos.


And as you do so you can admire the views of the Urkiola natural park and its best-known peak: Mount Anboto.

Bodega de Txakoli

Berrio Otxoa kalea, 1 

48320 Elorrio (Bizkaia) 

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