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Musikaire: cultural events on the streets free of charge, so that everyone can enjoy them, including you.

In summer the best place for a cultural event is outdoors. That is the philosophy behind Musikaire, which is NOT JUST ANOTHER FESTIVAL. 


The programme is a mixed bag where there is room for just about anything, as long as it is interesting and maintains a high standard. It features a feast of different styles, disciplines and origins presented outdoors at night, in the magnificent settings provided by the town of Elorrio.


A language whose origins are lost in time.

Even today the Basque language, called euskera, is an unresolved historical and linguistic mystery. It is unclassifiable in that it fits into no known group, its origins are unknown and it shares no common features with any other language.


Another striking feature of euskera is that even though it is spoken in a relatively small area it has six different dialects: bizkaiera (in Bizkaia), gipuzkera (in Gipuzkoa), goi-nafarrera (in upper Navarre), zuberera (in Soule) and nafar-lapurtera (in Navarre and Labourd). Within each dialect there is also considerable variation from one town to another. The Basque spoken in Elorrio (Elorrixoko Berbetie) is a sub-dialect of bizkaiera, but it has its own unique words and sayings.


With so many dialects and sub-dialects, it was decided to create what is known as euskera batua, which means “unified Basque”, as a common reference point for them all.

The Basque language is another element of the cultural heritage of Elorrio, and indeed of all Basques. It is our clearest, best conserved cultural identity marker from generation to generation.


In Elorrio a wide variety of dances can be found,

from traditional Basque forms to break-dance.


Basque dances (euskal dantzak in Basque) form a highly important part of the region’s culture and folklore. Each town has its characteristic dance which is performed at major local festivities. Some of these dances are very old, and their origins are lost in the mists of time. Others are more or less modern re-creations of old dances, and still others are newly invented popular forms.

The best time to enjoy typical Basque dances in Elorrio is at the Euskal Jaia celebrations in April.


AKAdantz is a knockout competition set up to consolidate an urban dance scene at local level. The three winners perform at the BREAKONSTAGE in Bilbao, a European-scale event.

It is a demonstration contest for various urban dance forms (funky, house, urban dance, hip-hop, break-dance, locking, popping, etc.) which takes place at the Arriola Theatre and is aimed particularly at young people and amateur dancers.


Bare-handed pelota, stone dragging by oxen, the local version of bowling, etc.

Traditional Basque sports are alive and well in Elorrio.


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