Frontón de Elorrio
Frontón de Elorrio

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Pelotaris campeones de Elorrio
Pelotaris campeones de Elorrio

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Frontón de Elorrio
Frontón de Elorrio

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In this form of the game of pelota the leather ball is struck directly with the hand. Players strap up their hands with protective tape and fabric.

Basque pelota is a ball game that enjoys a long tradition in the Basque Country. With it, the Basques have managed to adapt the universal idea of ball games to suit their own characteristics, incorporating numerous changes, creating new forms of the game, purpose-built venues and specific equipment. The form of the game played in Elorrio is bare-handed pelota (eskupilota in Basque).

This form is usually played by two individuals or by two teams of two players each, with one side always wearing red and the other blue.


In general terms the players take turns to bounce the ball against the front wall or frontis until one of them scores a point. The court on which the game is played is known as a frontón. The frontón in Elorrio is located in the town’s main square: why not take a look at it?


The town boasts a strong tradition in the game, and indeed in 1960 the champion players in three different categories had all lived on the same street in Elorrio: Hilario Azkarate, Felipe Lejarazu and José Antonio Álvarez.

You will get the chance to see the sport for yourself if you visit us during the town’s main festivities (Ferixa Nagusikoak) or on the feast day of Saint Valentine Berrio-Otxoa (July 4).


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