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 with Julia & Rául

After months of hard work we decided it was time for a little rest and relaxation, so we drove out of Burgos with no clear destination in mind and ended up in Elorrio. We had been there before but had only had time to get to know the town itself, so there were lots of places in the surrounding area still to visit.

Via Verde Arrazola

The Arrazola green trail

We felt like taking a walk in the fresh air, and the tourist information office recommended we try the Arrazola green trail. An excellent suggestion!

The trail runs below Mount Anboto in a fantastically beautiful setting. It is a pleasant stroll on level ground, and it gave us the chance to disconnect completely from our day-to-day routine.

"Parece imposible que haya tantos rincones mágicos y paisajes asombrosos en tan poca distancia"


The romantic trail through the countryside

We took a walk and then had a set menu for lunch in Elorrio. Afterwards we headed for Argiñeta, where we took the Romantic trail, which was completely fascinating.



The first stop on the trail is the Argiñeta necropolis, which was a very pleasant surprise: we never imagined that we would find such a magical, evocative spot. It is like an open-air museum that you can stroll through; one of those places where time stands still and you can just drink in the peace and tranquillity that resonate through it.

Bodega Txakoli Mendraka

Hamlet of Mendraka

Our second stop was the hamlet of Mendraka, where we spotted a txakoli winery, and went straight in to ask if they sold wine by the bottle. We were in luck: not only did they sell txakoli wine but they also gave guided tours of the winery ending with a tasting of txakoli accompanied by pintxos. What more could anyone ask!

As we gazed out over the vineyard and tasted the only txakoli wine produced in Elorrio, we felt as if we were somewhere in Tuscany.

The  Berriozabaleta well-spring

To end the Romantic trail we paid a visit to what is known as the “Well-Spring of Love”. We have no idea whether the story told about this well is true, but it is certainly a charming tale. According to what we read, a man called Manuel Plácido de Berriozabalbeitia met his wife in Perú where she was an important high society lady. When he returned to his home town with her she missed her homeland, so he had the idea of building her a well-spring like the ones he had seen in Perú to help her feel more at home. Isn’t that romantic?

Fuente Berriozabaleta

The well is both beautiful and curious, but the best thing about it is the surrounding countryside. We would advise you to visit it at dusk: the twilight makes the area around it even more beautiful. It was an idyllic moment for us and is one of those memories that will never fade. In Elorrio time really does stand still, especially in certain magical spots. We’ll be back for sure!

One last piece of advice: the best place to spend the night is at a rural guesthouse. The owners of these guesthouses know the area well and can help you discover the best kept secrets in Elorrio.

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